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Dental Paste

Product Image (PD /008)

Pulp Devitalizing Paste

Price: 250 INR/Box

P Devit is a powerful pulp devitalizer which contains para formaldehyde as active devitalizer It is a fast acting and pain relieving paste due to presence of lignocaine Application P Devit is used for pulp devitailazation in treatment of pulpits or its amputation The dough is also used for treatment of residual root pulpits of provisional and permanent teeth

Product Image (IMP/009)

Dental Impression Paste

Price: 300 INR/Box

Zinc Oxide Eugenol impression material is created by the combination of zinc oxide and Eugenol contained in oil of cloves An acid base reaction takes place with the formation of zinc eugenolate chelate Paste is very easy to mix having right flow characteristics dimensionally stable with appropriate setting time Application Used for taking impressions of toothless jaws in individual impression trays for making removable full dentures to enable mal fitting dentures to be relined and also for temporary fixations of crowns bridges and pin teeth. Composition Base paste: Zinc Oxide petroleum jelly Resin and Excipients Catalyst paste Eugenol petroleum jelly Color and Excipients

Product Image (AD/020)

Alveoles Dental Paste

Price: 305 INR/Box

Alvodough is used as an anesthetic and antiseptic alveolar compress after dental extraction. Alvodough provides quick bleeding stoppage due to presence of Amino capronic acid & Penghawar Djambi fibers